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MyShake is the citizen science project bringing users together to build a global earthquake early warning network. Our app keeps you informed about earthquakes and monitors for them using data from your phone’s sensors.

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Our mission

Our goal is to build a worldwide earthquake early warning network so that communities can reduce the impact of earthquakes. Since MyShake uses smartphones as earthquake sensors, it can be used everywhere - even in countries without access to traditional seismic technology.

Machine learning meets seismology

MyShake collects motion data from your phone’s sensors and uses a patented neural network to determine whether that motion fits the model of an earthquake.

Learn more about the system in the research article and watch the video below to learn about neural networks.

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The algorithms and methodologies utilized by MyShake have been peer reviewed and published in the scientific literature. You can read more about the system in the following articles:

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Our team

Richard Allen

Director, Berkeley Seismology Lab
Professor, Dept. Earth & Planetary Science

Stephen Allen

Applications Programmer

Theron Bair

DevOps Engineer

Savvas Marcou

Graduate Student

Akie Meija

IT Applications Programmer

Sarina Patel

Graduate Student

Jennifer Strauss

External Relations Officer

Stephen Thompson

IT Systems Manager

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